What Products to Purchase - Getting Started with SMART+

New to the smart home set up? Learn how to get started with SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting products.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

So you’re thinking about making your home a little bit smarter, and want to incorporate smart lighting into your set up. Our SYLVANIA SMART+ products work with a variety of smart home automation systems. Each system has its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re just starting out building your smart home or are interested in knowing how our products integrate into your current system, the following information will help you decide which products to purchase.

Most major smart hubs will offer common features and benefits such as automating your lights, voice control, creating schedules, and grouping lights to create scenes. If you’re looking for a specific feature, always double check with the manufacturer to make sure it’s available before purchase.

ZigBee Lighting Products

A ZigBee smart bulb will require a ZigBee hub (also known as Gateway or Bridge) to operate and control. Your smart home hub is the "control" system for your light bulbs and accessories, allowing you to control not only SYLVANIA SMART+ products, but other products also compatible with your ZigBee hub including thermostats, cameras, and more. Examples of popular systems include SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus. Your SYLVANIA SMART+ products will pair directly to your compatible ZigBee hub. The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway is not required unless you are using this as your main ZigBee hub.

With the exception of the Amazon Echo Plus which has a built in ZigBee hub, a smart hub is also required for voice control. Lights and accessories will not pair directly to devices like an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini. Check your hub to ensure your preferred voice assistant is compatible with whichever smart hub you choose.

What you need to get started with a ZigBee system:

  • ZigBee compatible SMART+ product
  • ZigBee Hub
  • Smartphone
  • Optional: Voice control device such as Google Home or Amazon Echo


Bluetooth Lighting Products

Our Bluetooth line of SMART+ products are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri voice control as well as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant via your Android smartphone or tablet. Because it uses Bluetooth, there is no hub required for set up. Simply power on your light, open your compatible smart home app, and follow a few simple steps to connect your bulb in minutes.

What you need to get started with a Bluetooth System:

Android Users

  • SMART+ Bluetooth Product + Android smartphone running 6.0 or higher
  • Optional: Google Home or Amazon Echo smart speaker

iOS Users

  • SMART+ Bluetooth Product + iOS device with HomeKit capability
  • Optional: Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod for away from home control


Benefits of Smart Home Lighting

SMART+ lights have a number of benefits to help make your day to day routines easier and more convenient. Features and benefits will depend on the system you are using, however general benefits include:
  • Scheduling your lights to turn on when it gets dark so you don’t come home to a dark house.
  • Adjusting the white color temperature of your bulb to soft white for relaxing or a bright white to help see better and be more productive while working.
  • Selecting from over 16 million available colors for every time of the year - holidays, parties, sports games, and more.
  • Using a voice assistant to control your lights when you’re hands or full.
  • Pair your lights with other smart home devices like sensors, camera, thermostats, and more for optimal use throughout your home.

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