Updating the Firmware on your SMART+ Lights

Updating the firmware on your lighting products will help them continue functioning properly.

For All ZigBee Products

If you have a LIGHTIFY Gateway, you can update the firmware on your products at any time. If you are using a hub other than the LIGHTIFY Gateway to control your lights, you will need to remove them from your set up, pair them to the LIGHTIFY hub to update, then re-pair them back to your system.

SmartThings Users

If you are a SmartThings user, you can enable OTA updates through the SmartThings IDE.

  1. Visit graph.api.smartthings.com and login using your SmartThings username and password.
  2. Click My Locations
  3. Select your Hub
  4. Click View Utilities
  5. Under ZigBee OTA, click Allow OTA for all devices

Although updates are now enabled, you may still need to manually check the firmware on your device to make sure it is up to date.

  1. Select the My Devices tab
  2. Click on a device you’d like to check
  3. Under Firmware, you will see the Current Version and Target Version. If they are different, there is an update available.
  4. Click Check Now to check for updates and apply them to your product.

Wink Users

Periodically, Wink willl push OTA updates for SMART+ products. This must be enabled in your settings. View those instructions here. If you are looking to update products immediately, you will need a LIGHTIFY Gateway.

For Bluetooth (HomeKit) Products

If you are using Apple HomeKit, simply download the SYLVANIA Smart Home app from the App Store. This app is only used for updating the firmware on your products, and does not include additional features for controlling lights.

This app doesn’t exist…???
I have a problem with my Sylv.Smart+.
It works, but everytime I choose the “goodnight” scene, it shuts down (like it’s supposed to do), but after a few seconds, it turns back on…!? I surfed on the net and found something about the “Sylvania Smart Home-app”. To keep your product up to date.
But it doesn’t exist…? I already did a reset and from step 1 all over… but same problem…
I use 2 iPhones (my girlfriend and me) and a iPad (as a hub, that stays home)… anyone who can help…? I’m not a newbee in computer or gadget stuff… But this time, I don’t get it…
Other than this problem, it does, what I want it to do…


I have this terrible app…barely got lights attached to it and working with homekit. It now wants me to log in…which I’ve done in the past. Doesn’t recognize my password–okay, maybe I forgot it–reset password gives me an error of a bad request.

Cannot log in, cannot add devices, cannot reset password.

I’m terrified if I delete the app, I’ll lose all the settings on the lights that are in my Homekit.

Cannot find any information online, other than that the app is terrible.

How do I get my password reset on the app!!!

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