Updating the Firmware of your SMART+ Products with SmartThings

Updating the firmware on your SMART+ products allows you to keep your bulbs functioning properly with your SmartThings hub. If you are a SmartThings user, you can enable OTA updates through the SmartThings IDE.

  1. Visit graph.api.smartthings.com and login using your SmartThings username and password.
  2. Click My Locations
  3. Select your Hub
  4. Click View Utilities
  5. Under ZigBee OTA, click Allow OTA for all devices

Although updates are now enabled, you may still need to manually check the firmware on your device to make sure it is up to date.

  1. Select the My Devices tab
  2. Click on a device you’d like to check
  3. Under Firmware, you will see the Current Version and Target Version. If they are different, there is an update available.
  4. Click Check Now to check for updates and apply them to your product.

Hi this doesent seem to work for the MR16 lamp. Im finding no firmware for them and it would be ancient. Im running 0x01020510.

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