Pairing Your SMART+ Device to Your Wink Smart Home Hub

Follow these instructions for pairing a SMART+ light or accessory to your Wink smart home set up. Use the provided PDF to view screenshots and step by step directions of the process.

PairingLights-Wink.pdf (199.8 KB)

  1. Make sure your Wink hub is set up and your SMART+ light or accessory is powered on and ready to be paired.
  2. Log in to the Wink app. You can either select your hub on the Products tab, then select Add a Product or simply hit the plus sign (+) on the Products tab to Add to Wink.
  3. You will be prompted from a list of products to add to Wink. SMART+ lights will be found in the Lighting product category. The Smart Plug will be found in the Outlets category.
  4. Find the SMART+ product from the list and tap to pair a new SMART+ device.
  5. Follow the on screen prompts to pair your SMART+ light.
  6. Upon completion, you will see a Success message, indicating your device has been paired.


You can now rename your device and start controlling your lights and accessories through the Wink app. If you are having difficulties getting your product to pair, you can:

  1. Try resetting your product. This will put it back into pairing mode. To reset your lights, you can follow the instructions found here or watch our video.
  2. Check for compatibility. Many of our products are compatible with Wink, but those that aren’t will not pair successfully. Those that aren’t fully compatible may pair, but have limited functionality in the app.
  3. Check connectivity. Make sure your lights are screwed in properly and powered on, and that any plugs or connection cables are secured.
  4. Contact our customer service team. We offer a 2 year product replacement warranty on our smart products. If you feel this might be necessary, contact us at 1-800-LIGHTBULB or


I have Wink and Smart+ full color range down lights that I wanted to use with a smart switch in order to save my family members the heartburn of cold-turkey change over to smart lighting, however in order to do that I needed to pair my down lights with a Lightify Hub, but that caused them to be removed from my Wink Hub. And as you probably know, the Lightify/Smart+ switch isn’t compatible with Wink, so I am stuck using one or the other with these lights which I really am not liking. Wink schedules are much easier to program and integrate with the rest of my house lighting, the Smart+ schedules are clunky and difficult to set, plus they require that I have an on and off, instead of being able to send an off command regardless of the state of the light “just in case” at a specific time like I can with Wink. Is there any plans to get the Smart+ switch to work with Wink in the future, or to make the lights able to connect to more than 1 hub at a time? My Hue lights work this way without issue.

Thanks for your feedback. We are always working with our partners, pushing them for integrations of all our products. We will pass along this feedback to Wink to see if they would be willing to certify this product for us.

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