Pairing Your Bluetooth Product to the SYLVANIA Smart Home App

Pairing a SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth product to the SYLVANIA Smart Home app on your Android phone is quick and easy following these simple steps.

For detailed instructions with screenshots, please download the PDF below:
Bluetooth-PairingDevices.pdf (177.9 KB)

Before you begin:

  • Download the SYLVANIA Smart Home app from the Google Play™ store and create an account.
  • You will need a smartphone or tablet using Android 6.0 or higher and a SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth product.
  • Make sure the products you are pairing are plugged in and powered on.

Pairing your Product

  1. Once your account is created, you will be brought to My Rooms. Before adding a new product to your account, a Room must be created. Tap the Add a Room button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select a room from the list or create a new room to add your lights into.
  3. Once your room is created, tap the Add a Device button. Any lights you pair will now be added into this room.
  4. Your app will search for nearby products. If you see a “Download” icon, a firmware update is required before pairing your lights. Tap this icon to proceed with the update. If no update is required, tap the plus sign (+) to proceed with pairing. If a firmware update is applied, you will see a plus sign next to the updated product. Tap again to proceed with pairing. You lights may flash several times during this process.
  5. Once the device is paired, you will see a “Device Added Successfully” message. You can also test the device to ensure it was paired properly.

To Control Your SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth Products

See the following instructions to learn about the features and controls of the SYLVANIA Smart Home app.

To Connect to Amazon Alexa

See the following instructions for linking your SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth Lights to Amazon Alexa.

Having Trouble?

Read through our troubleshooting guide for answers to commonly asked questions.


Me and my roommate have a Smart+ RGB LED A19 Bulb and a Smart+ FLEX LED strip. We’re trying to pair them to the Sylvania Smart Home app, but we can’t seem to pair either one. In the “Add a device” menu it has the firmware update icon, but when we try to update either one it just says “Upgrading…” for around 15 minutes and then the device disconnects and retrying doesn’t do anything different… I’ve tried resetting them again, but the same issue comes up. Can we get some advice?


Hi Devin,

We usually try recommend you a few things:

  • Power cycle light 5 times to factory reset
  • Check Bluetooth is turn on. Then turn it off, and back on again.
  • Force close the SYLVANIA Smart Home app and re-open
  • Keep app open and close to light when updating

You can also try rebooting your phone, as anything “stuck” should be reset when doing this.

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