How to Reset your SMART+ Plug

How to Reset your SMART+ Smart Plug

If you are having trouble pairing your Smart Plug, or it fails to respond to commands, you may need to reset the plug and re-pair it to your system. This process will work for both Bluetooth and ZigBee plugs. To reset your plug:
  1. Remove the device from your smart home set up.
  2. Make sure the plug is powered on. The light will be orange.
  3. Find the button located on the front of the plug and hold it down for 10 seconds.
  4. The light will flash orange when it has been reset and is ready to be paired to your system.

I’ve tried this multiple times and my light does not flash when following these instructions. It flashes 3 times when I first plug in the device and then goes off. On the back of the device it says to hold the power button while plugging in for 5 seconds. This also does not appear to reset the lights. I’m trying to pair with the Hue bridge.

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Resetting a plug is different than resetting a light bulb/flex strip. For any lighting product, you must power cycle through it by turning the lights on and off 5 times in a row. You can view the instructions and video for resetting lighting products here: Resetting your SMART+ Lights.

Additionally, our products use a different ZigBee protocol than Philips Hue and unfortunately are not compatible with their system. We work with smart home hubs such as SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus.

If you feel your product may be defective, we do offer a 2 year replacement on smart products. Please reach out to us at or 1-800-lightbulb for a replacement.

Same. Both the reset described in the video and written on the back of the plug does nothing. Trying to set up with HomeKit since I heard Hue Bridge is no longer “working” (since it was never officially supported but kind of worked for a while.)

Hi there, you will not be able to pair your ZigBee products to Apple HomeKit. Our HomeKit products fall under our Bluetooth line, while our ZigBee products are designed to work with Smart Home hubs. Could this be the reason you are experiencing difficulties?

Huh. I could have sworn I picked up the box that said “works with HomeKit,” but I guess you’re right. A very good reason why I cannot get it to work!! Ha ha.


Actually, no, this is the one that I bought and it says “works with HomeKit” all over the description.


I have tried this several times and cannot get this method several times and cannot get it to work as well as trying the restore factory settings on the back of the plug method which does not work either. Any additional help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dan, yes this is our Bluetooth plug compatible with Apple HomeKit. Could you elaborate a little more on what’s not working for you within the Home app? Have you entered in the pairing code, and it’s simply not connecting? Or is it connecting, but not responsive? Or something else?

Quentin, would you be able to provide me with the same info?

I don’t see a pairing number on the device (or don’t understand where it should be written) and the Home app doesn’t see the plug when I try to search for a new device.

Thanks for the help!!


In order to pair to HomeKit, you will need an 8 digit code. In the user manual, there is a code to scan. On the plug, there should be a sticker you can scan on the side. If you don’t see this, you likely don’t have a Bluetooth product.

The model number is for the Bluetooth plug is 74582 and should be located on the back of the plug. If you see 72922, this is a ZigBee plug and it will not pair to HomeKit.

It is a 72922. I guess I bought the wrong one by mistake. Thanks for the help.


Sorry for the confusion regarding our products. If you’re having difficulties exchanging it, please reach out to us at and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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