How to Pair your SMART+ Lights to Amazon Echo Plus

Pairing your SMART+ ZigBee light or accessory to Amazon Echo Plus is quick and easy. With your Amazon Echo Plus set up and your light or accessory powered on, you can simply say “Alexa, discover my devices.” Alexa will go through the discovery process to pair your SMART+ products to the Amazon Alexa app. You can also pair your devices directly through the Amazon Alexa app by following the steps listed below, or use the PDF provided to view step by step screenshots of the process.

HowToPair-EchoPlus.pdf (172.2 KB)

Through Voice

  1. Make sure your SMART+ light is powered on.
  2. Then, simply say "Alexa, discover my devices."

Through the Alexa App

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. In the drop down menu, go to Settings > Smart Home.
  3. Tap Add Device to pair your SMART+ light to your Alexa app.
  4. Amazon will now search for your device and pair it to the Amazon Alexa app.


You can now rename your device and start controlling your lights and accessories through your Amazon Echo Plus. If you are having difficulties getting your product to pair, you can:

  1. Try resetting your product. This will put it back into pairing mode. To reset your lights, you can follow the instructions found here or watch our video.
  2. Check for compatibility. Many of our products are compatible with Amazon Echo Plus, but those that aren’t will not pair successfully. Those that aren’t fully compatible may pair, but have limited functionality in the app.
  3. Check connectivity. Make sure your lights are screwed in properly and powered on, and that any plugs or connection cables are secured.
  4. Contact our customer service team. We offer a 2 year product replacement warranty on our smart products. If you feel this might be necessary, contact us at 1-800-LIGHTBULB or
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I recently purchased a “SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY ZigBee Motion and Temperature Sensor” to pair with an Amazon Echo Plus. It says that you can remotely monitor the temperature from the sensor. However, I would like to be able to verbally ask the Amazon Echo Plus/Alexa to tell me the current temperature from the sensor in this device. Is it possible to do this? If so, then what is the command to get the temperature (ie. “Alexa, …?”)?

Thank you,

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out.

Each hub offers different features and benefits. For example, with a SmartThings hub it will show you the current temperature in the app, but unless you have a smart thermostat installed you cannot use voice commands to find out what the current temperature is or raise/lower it.

Unfortunately, at this time, the Amazon Echo Plus doesn’t support sensors. While the device will pair, there are no controls in the app to configure motion or monitor temperature from this specific device.

To have Alexa respond to this question, you would need a smart thermostat in your home.

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