How to Connect Samsung SmartThings to Amazon Alexa

With Samsung SmartThings and your Amazon Echo device, you can set up voice control commands and have Alexa control your lights. Follow the step by step instructions below or download the PDF for included screenshots.

AlexaVoiceControl-SmartThings.pdf (613.7 KB)

  1. If you haven’t already download the Amazon Alexa app in the App Store or Play Store. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to link your Amazon account to the app.
  2. If your Echo device is not already connected you will need to do so. In the app, go to Settings > Set Up New Device to pair your Echo to the Amazon Alexa app.
  3. Once you have the app set up and your Amazon Echo connected, enable the SmartThings skill by selecting Skills from the drop down menu and searching for SmartThings/Samsung Connect.
  4. Tap Enable. You will then be prompted to sign in to your SmartThings account and select the SmartThings hub you’d like to sync.
  5. Once enabled, select Authorize and Discover Devices.

You should now be able to ask Alexa to control your SMART+ lights connected to SmartThings.

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