Enable Firmware Updates for SMART+ Products on Wink

To update your SMART+ products to the latest firmware on Wink, you can use the LIGHTIFY Gateway or enable firmware updates within the Wink app. For step by step instructions on how to update within the Wink app, use the PDF below.

EnableFirmwareUpdates-Wink.pdf (106.6 KB)

Using the Gateway

  1. Unpair your SMART+ device from Wink and pair it to the LIGHTIFY Gateway
  2. In the LIGHTIFY app, go to Settings > System Update. If you see an available update, click on System Update to proceed.
  3. When finished, remove it from the LIGHTIFY Gateway and pair your light back to Wink.

Within the Wink App

  1. Select the Settings tab within the Wink app
  2. On the Settings screen, look for ZigBee Device Updates. Make this this is enabled and turned on.

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