Controlling your SMART+ Lights with Wink

Before You Begin

Before you begin, make sure your SMART+ device is paired to your Wink smart home hub. If you are unsure how to pair your device, view our instructions here. Otherwise, follow this step by step guide on controlling your lights or use the provided PDF for included screenshots.

ControllingLights-Wink.pdf (151.1 KB)

Controlling your Lights

  1. In the Wink app, if your lights don’t automatically show up, select Lights + Power from the Settings menu. Your connected lights will show up. Tap the light to turn it on or off. Press and hold down on the light you’d like to control to open up available features.
  2. All SMART+ products have dimming capabilities. Depending on your light, you may also see a white color temperature selector and color selector. From this screen, select White to change the white color temperature, Color to control the color, and the dimming slider at the bottom to control the brightness.

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