Cant Connect my Sylvania LED strips to my Android Sylvania App

Bought two Sylvania Smart+ LED strips and installed them throughout my home. There are several issues going on.

Note: Im using my Galaxy Note 9 android device.

  1. Sylvania Smart+ app states under NETWORK STATUS
    “Unable to connect to Device”

  2. I manually search for the Flex C devices under my phones bluetooth feature and it states “Pairing rejected by flex c” after I select to pair for both sylvania led strip devices.

  3. FLex C appears in the Slyvania Smart “add device” tab but its states that I need to “upgrade” then it states that its retreiving the update but after countless minutes it says its been disconnected…Im thing its due to the app network status issue.

My internet work perfectly. The sylvania led strips were installed correctly too. So what do I do with useless lights? How can this be corrected? This is frustrating. Money was waisted. I wish there was an issue when my money was retreived as well.

What protocol are the lights using? Ie: BT, Zigbee. If zigbee, What hub are you using for your Samsung to communicate with your lights?
The phone itself cannot do that.
For example, I use the smartthings hub to allow my smartphone to communicate with my sylvania zigbee light strips.
Since Phones don’t have that protocol , the phone communicates with the hub, then the hub communicates with lights.

Its the Sylvania Smart+ Home Kit. Not sure what you mean by protocol. My phones bluetooth can detect them but can connect. The Smart+ app can detect them but cant connect either. I purchases a smarthings hub and that cant detect any of begin with. I shoupd be able to control them via the Smart+ App as it give you options for controlling the colors etc. But it keeps saying the it cant detwct any devices under network settings. Also it does detect the two homekit devices but it wont let me select them.

HOMEKIT is a BT protocol proprietary to only Apple Devices. Do you have Silvana lights now that you are controlling from your phone without a hub?

Everything connected to my smart things hub is samsung products. No, no other light bulbs or sylvania product. The Smart+ App in the android play store recognises the sylvania product under “add devices” tab but wont connect to them. Are you telling me that their is NO way of using these lights without an apple product? What is the smart+ app for then? It seems to not work either.

Hi there, unfortunately this appears to be a known issue that we’re currently working on fixing. The SYLVANIA Smart Home app will currently only work on Android smartphones and Bluetooth products. If you are having issues connecting with your Android phone, we suggest closing out of the SYLVANIA app and resetting your product (power cycling it 5 times on, 5 off for flex strips or holding down the button for 10 seconds on a plug). Then, open the app back up and try the re-pairing process once again. Hopefully this fixes the issue.

Bluetooth products are currently compatible with Apple HomeKit and the SYLVANIA Smart Home app via your Android device. For those with smart home hubs, please use our ZigBee products.

I have already tried that with both strips. Before I even asked on here. All the problems still exist. I wemt a step further and bought a smarththings samsung hub and even that cant pair up. I’ve waisted lots of money on this product and up to know they are still not working. Horrible experience. I’ve called custimer support and nobody could help. Semt an email and its been more then a week and still no reply. Googpe assistant can not detect them either. The app cant connect with them either. It will detect them but wont allow to connect. It just says “upgrade” flex c then when you hit to upgrade it states “retrieving update” then “downloading” it stays like that for 15 minutes or more then it says disconnected or failed…this is frustrating. Why would this product be sold without atleast allowing the consumer to CHANGE colors at minimum?

Crazy part is I wemt to wal mart and bought some aura led rgbw light strips for 4.99…4 dollars and 99 cents and they work flawlessly…THIS HAS TO BE EMBARASSING for Sylvania. Vlose to 200 dollars spent on their products and they are useless to me right now.

Are you attempting to connect multiple devices at the same time or just a single light? With Bluetooth, the closer you are to the product the better. Try pairing only one at a time if you are connecting multiple devices, and as close to the product as you can be.

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